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details on the early-morning fire. what is an act of arson considered domestic terrorism vallejo police say it involves a high level public official and when that person happens to be the mayor of vallejo. the fire that heavily damaged ozby davis this law office investigated as arson tonight another possibility domestic terrorism a high-profile nature we characterize it as a domestic terrorism we bring in a subject matter experts such as the atf and fbi to utilize those resources this agency may not have the agencies were not requested and not on the scene we asked vallejo police watch commander why they're looking at domestic terrorism with the federal authorities they have more resources and our
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trying to get ahead of began and solicit their expertise of federal authorities the mayor watched firefighters work on his office he got a call from the fire chief and said any time the mayor gets a phone call a front window waiting area we aggressively attack the fire and contended a police lieutenant said amendment started by disgruntled client but is no indication of that of the officer involved shooting that left mario romero dead and supporters out raged the fire if arson the second crime against the mayor this year in may his motorcycle was stolen. the bottom line is domestic terrorism designation helps open up resources to help vallejo police investigate the crime roughed up in richmond
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political opponents come to blows a scuffle between city council member and an activist david more and up with moore's arrest it happened for a candidates' debate more is a member of the progressive alliance that often is at odds with the city council. both men claimed the other punched him. i felt this would get ugly i chose to walk away a turn around and walk about three persons away from mr. more, and i feel this hit from the back of my head i look around and the statement to cbs 5 more road, " things that he didn't i got in his face and said mean things including calling him a bully and howard and and corky punched me in the face and try to get unbacked " more was arrested and released on the hottest temperatures
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for 2012 on their web roberta gonzales with more we warm up to 15 degrees in some neighborhoods compared to yesterday we have a heat watch in effect. the yellow area. that's all areas from the coast and the bay all the way to the low one hundreds be mindful of kids and your pets. who will top off august? along the coast of a 20 degree jump from today 85 san mateo, and then the '90s in santa clara valley, 100 in gilroy. east of the bay antioch tracy oakley and discovery bay 100 and hotter than that in pleasant and san francisco today 62, up to 8394 in santa rosa, these
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temperatures are not on august of this impending heat wave will pinpoint that day it may top of 106. 15 years under house arrest she was outspoken in her fight for democracy in burma activist on song so she spoke in san francisco included standing ovations in washington and the united nations anne mackovic explains why her appearance here is important those of my generation will know i've come to san francisco in the right way with flowers and my hair. known as " the lady " nobel peace prizewinner spoke in front of a packed house at usf. we must always have our eyes clearly focused on the future even as we deal with present and
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its difficulties and problems. in the first visit to the united states since 1971 for the political prisoner turned parliamentarian she is a key figure in the rise in democracy in burma. today she spoke mainly in burmese she was trying to say don't forget your root and were you come from many exiles are here a dream coming true we are witnessing and the communities coming together ever body is beautiful my hero for all of my life, i am so proud to be burmese. some rally in and say they wish so she would do more to protect minorities in burma human rights for all this is what i think is most precious about the city, you are
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open hearted and open-minded, we need both, closed mines and open heart cannot put together and she goes to los angeles next after more meetings in the bay area anne mackovic cbs 5 so far the much feared carmageddon has not materialized people and los angeles spend the weekend off the freeways, a live look of the construction now. the sequel to last year's first major shutdown of the 451 of the nation's busiest freeways, the project as a 10 mi. stretch of the 4 05 closed for the weekend it appears thousands are heeding the advice to stay home or take alternate routes. the traffic is worth a billion dollars and the millions of hours
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delayed commuting it is pretty cool the reason for the closure to remove a bridge over the freeway so far construction is an hour ahead of schedule but the mayor says not likely the freeway will reopen before 6:00 a.m. monday morning. governor jerry brown vetoes a bill to ban agencies to interrupt cellphone service without court order. it targeted bart you remember it sparked free-speech debate when a cut cellphone service to disrupt a planned protest, the governor said the bill code divert attention from a true emergency by requiring government agencies to get a court order within six hours of a shutdown the vice-presidential candidates in the limelight this week and as president obama and mitt romney in seclusion preparing for their first debate wednesday. chip reid shows us what to expect from the two season
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debaters. paul ryan is in the state of new hampshire today vice-president joe biden campaigned in florida where he argued the obama administration inherited a trillion dollar deficit from the bush administration that the two wars on a credit card without paying a penny president obama and mitt romney tucker downed cramming for next week's debate showdown both sides work hard to lower expectations by praising their opponent. romney says the president has the advantage is one of the talented political communicators in modern history obama says romney has the edge to betting about two dozen times during the republican primary in the both have ample experience debating but gov. romney has more practice
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recently she runs the annenberg center at university of pennsylvania in the challenger has the opportunity to challenge she is competent to stand his own against the president a challenger who accomplishes that wins the first debate jamison says hope candidates called for a big moment that candidates remember like john mccain said bonn from a plumber that question president obama john mccain alluded to joe the plumber and that barack obama would share the wealth that give matt cain a boost in the polls but as matt cain learned even a memorable debate moment carries a candid only so far. the live audience for the first debate expected to be about 60 million people, half the number expected to vote in the election.
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chip reid cbs news a look of the debate scheduled the first to bed wednesday in denver, on october 11th vice-president biden and paul ryan will lock horns in danville, kentucky, then two more presidential debates and hampstead new york and boca raton florida. a new poll shows proposition 38 that would earmark funds for schools appears to be headed for defeat an l.a. times poll shows 34 percent of voters favored the tax 52% oppose it it will affect most californians the measures wealthy backer has spent $30 million on the campaign. a competing measure supported by gov. brown will raise taxes only on the wealthy doing better, proposition 30 supported by 35 percent of voters,
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proposition 31 raise the income tax for people making more than $250,000 a year and raise sales taxes. general motors recalls more than 30,000 cars in warm weather states, the company says a plastic part can crack from skeet and cause a fuel leak and fire. the recall includes all 2007- 2009 models of the chevrolet cobol and surely equinoxes and pontiac suvs and all 2007 saturn ion a sedans gm will repair cars for free. a look at women voters how wide is the gender gap between mitt romney and president obama and why. a rough outing for fisherman they got caught in this
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five weeks until election day mitt romney awards are to female voters and their concerns about the deficit and how it impacts the future of their household's sharyl attkisson shows us which candidate women prefer. your share of obama's debt is $50,000 and an ad released this week to romney campaign spoke directly to women pointing to the economy as the key concern she agrees growing debt our greatest worry. the market crashed we end up
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in home too small for us a stay at home mom with three kids she plans to vote for mitt romney to when virginia he needs more women like her a recent poll shows the gender gap is widening while romney holds a six point lead among men president obama as a 12 point advantage with women. polls show women are interested in men in issues that affect the pocketbook. she says this election will come down to one demographic it will come down to single women voters it will be the pivot point and single women like this woman who supports president obama i want to vote for the person fighting for me after losing her job barnes is still looking for work and does not think run the understands people like her. he cannot relate to me as single-parent or person that does not know where the next dollar comes from to pay bills
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she has not heard enough how romney will fix the economy that is one reason why a look for to the debates hall full mitt romney will articulate what his plans are of like to hear more specifics. both women say health care also important, they listen to details when the candidates debate wednesday for the first time sharyl attkisson cbs news a trip out to sea in the middle of a tropical storm norman almost cost eight fishermen their lives their trawler was snapped off the coast of mexico, you can see the strong was rocked the vessel, slamming into rocks, all eight fishermen were rescued everyone okay. more tranquil and the bay area will look at the harvest moon rising over the bay bridge
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earlier this evening, the harvest moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinoxes. it is amazing were able to see the moon, at the seashore were still locked in with fog, one of our of yours david fair sent in a beautiful view of the moon as well, there's davits picture we thank you for this glorious picture the harvest moon over the bay area, the next full moon on october 29th, that is called the hunter's moon. today's temperatures, 4-15 degrees warmer than yesterday 93 degrees at livermore, 10 degrees warmer at san jose, 62 san francisco, to nine a very mild
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overnight into the '50s and mid- 60's, because of high pressure now positioned to create an off shore flow, off shore winds come from inland areas from the north and east, they are dry winds, it knocks down the relative humidity, fire danger does increase. it also knocks out the stratus we called a marine layer, it dissipates over nine hours, in fact we will be fog free all the way through tuesday because of the heat wave. an excess of heat watch for all the yellow highlighted areas away from the coast and bay i stopped off in the nineties and low one hundreds. we also have another spare the air day again the ozone gets
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trapped close to the surface and a baseball game tomorrow at 1 05 p.m. the oakland a's, we expect temperature at 88 degrees at the stadium take the sun block and stay hydrated we go out 20 degrees warmer and pacific advent today. '80s and '90s around the peninsula that high 90s at santa clara valley, morgan hill approaches 100 degrees, up to 100 to antioch, brentwood tracy and discovery bay, triple digits in pleasanton. one hundred degrees in dublin. north of the golden gate '60s at the shore, otherwise 88 etna bottle in san francisco up to 83 degrees. that is the extended forecast monday were talking record heat in the bay area 106 in hottest
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locations east bay inland areas. we dropped down on tuesday by wednesday of feel the difference and thursday through saturday the return of low clouds and fog that will produce a cooling trend. that is when fleet week it starts. the blue angels come to town and a marine layer. we showed you the harvest moon take a look at this a giant pumpkin contest in massachusetts pumpkin growers took part in the annual fair when it comes to the giants scored their is a sacred to extreme pumpkin growing you start with the best seed you think possible build up the soil with organic matter
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you try and it and bury it and run it and spread them, you do a lot of work the king of the crop a man from rhode island with the world record breaker topping 2,000 lbs.. people are pairing for the flu season hundreds get in line for a dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding.
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erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
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police in bay area held their annual drug take back a day for people willing to safely get rid of unused prescription drugs. there are as it were several drop-off locations. the make sure unused prescription drugs to not get in the wrong hands. crews collected 150,000 lbs. of medication. floozies and to east bay clinics want to make sure they gave as many shots out as possible. a sit in medical centers offer
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drive-through service the first day of vaccination season, it looks like the turnout was successful. we started at 9:00 today we have people lining up at 7:00 a.m. to get in line the service only offered to kaiser permanente members last year 1000 people had flu shots on the first day. cal at home to face arizona state the a's keep on keeping
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all about the post-season for the a's, a move one step closer. tied at 4 in the 10th brandon
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moss smoked it over the right- field wall give the a's a 7-4 win. the magic number is 3 for a post-season spot the angels and rangers rained out. madison baumgarner eric gives up a three nothing lead, the only lasted for running's the padres beat the giants 7-3. riders cup team usa on a roll. leads europe 10-6 they need 4 1/2 points to take the cut. for cal the cut a to 3 against asu in the fourth that is as close as they got. cal falls 27-17 they are 1-4 on the year. for san jose state defense outstanding freshman kicker head of four field goals center is a
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